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Www datingtriggers com

And they’re looking to getting into podcasting because they see all this opportunity over here.

And why you’re even seeing—I was speaking to someone the other day– this professional radio for 15 years. Please go check on my media page and have a video of me talking.

I want to be this whole entrepreneur thing, anyway. So it took a get back to basically in 2008 for me to what i call get my feet back underneath me and start from scratch again. And I have the right stuff.’[Greg] Right.[Heather] And so theirs this theory and you constantly have to keep creating products.

But I started a business that it was information market only really heavy on email marketing from scratch. I did something where it’s like, I wanted to make sure I created a business that it was 100% evergreen. Constantly because in the mortgage business or in the real estate industry changes. If someone’s go and create a product, I’m like—[snores]Oh my gah—I just don’t enjoy the process. [Greg] Yea.[Heather] So that was one of my intention was.

So, are you finding that with—I mean that’s pretty amazing you said—but 150 shows in the last year, is it working for you? Is it–What are the kind of—I’m really big on metrics and the backend of it. I have a struggle of little bit seeing that with the podcast just because I know that some people,they’re listening to it and I’m like, ‘hey go to this link dot com.’And it’s in the show notes.

I agree to you however I do see a huge—Do you see—I have seen huge increase at my traffic in the last year. And then I would get to the airport and would then get on the plane. More around podcast, email marketing–That kind of help as well.[Heather] Yea.

Because, if I’m on your show, I’m like hey go to I just want them to go there because it’s a traffic conversation and I obviously it’s usually at the end of the show.[Greg] Yea.[Heather] versus if when I’m in a webinar which is a sales pitch.[Greg] Yea.[Heather] I will weigh more different kind of tracking. I see huge increase in traffic.[Greg] That’s good.[Heather] So I look at it as a traffic source.[Greg] Right.[Heather] I mean just traffic source.[Greg] Yea.[Heather] And I’m okay with that.[Greg] And has that been your primary channel for the last year? Coz I realized, even though I’m on all these shows, I have only have like 5 of them linked back to me. You think I have all of these back links but I only have 5. Not everyone’s internet marketing savvy in all these shows. [Greg] Right.[Heather] When I was in the information marketing business, I was in the seminar business where I used to get in the car. I promise you, over a period of years, they pulled a lot of money out of that list. Put a back link on me.[Greg] but for people who are—For people who are listening, watching it’s is where they can find more about you and that is for advice information around marketing. You can check—If you’re interested, hey look at this girl.

Thinkific CEO Greg Smith interviews sales and marketing expert Heather Havenwood on how to get interviewed on podcasts to help build your brand, increase your authority and grow your online course business. I want to make your show amazing because in the end of the day, I’m in your house.

To learn more about Heather visit: TRANSCRIPT [Greg] Hello and welcome to Teach Online TV. And Heather has been involved in internet marketing since 1999. I really love to be able to just relax– have a good time.

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And just amazing how everybody’s got their phone with them.