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Windows media player 12 constantly updating media library

A UEFI install has a EFI System partition instead of System Reserved, and a (hidden) MSR partition, can only boot from a GPT disk.Confirm using Diskpart commands or free Partition Wizard CD that these partitions are intact and run Disk Check on all of them including Win7 partition.Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums - Windows 7 Forums How to Set Active/Inactive partition -Partition Wizard Video Help.A UEFI install will have an EFI System partition on a GPT formatted disk and no Active flag.If no installation shows up to repair on an MBR (non-UEFI) install when booting into DVD System Recovery Options or Repair CD, or Startup Repair won't work after several tries, click through to System Recovery Options, open a Command Line to run these commands which should take care of corrupted boot records and blinking cursor problems: .Try booting into Safe Mode with Networking to install, update and run a full malware scan with Malwarebytes followed by SFC /SCANNOW Command to repair any System File damage malware has done.Trigger the boot disk or stick using the one-time BIOS Boot Menu key given on first screen: Asus - F8 HP/Compaq - Esc Sony - F2 Acer - F12 Gateway - F10 e Machines - F10 Toshiba - F12 Dell - F12 IBM/Lenovo - the blue Thinkvantage button, or One Key button next to Power button.If you need a Win7 disk to boot you can burn a System Repair Disk on another Win7 PC as long as it has the same 32- or 64-bit version, use an enhanced Repair disk available for download at Easy Recovery Essentials, or refer to Step 1 in Clean Reinstall Windows 7 for installation media which contains repair System Recovery Options or if necessary can be used for reinstall.

On some PC's the Recovery partition or an earlier installed OS used in a Dual Boot will hold the Active flag.For MBR install, click on Disk # to highlight it, from Disk tab select Rebuild MBR, then Apply: Partition Wizard Rebuild MBR - Video Help.If Windows 7 doesn't start run Startup Repair 3 Separate Times.This is a quick operation that is often useful when non-booting is due to a recent system change. Boot into System Recovery Options via the F8 Advanced Boot Options menu or disk as shown in blue link tutorial, open a Command Line to run a full Disk Check (chkdsk /f) on both the System partition and Windows partition (if they're not one and the same).On a Legacy install to MBR disk, confirm the Partition Marked Active is the 100mb System Reserved (preferred if you have it) or Windows 7 partition (if you don't), run Startup Repair repeatedly up to 3 separate times with reboots in between each - no matter what it reports.

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If Recovery options will not run Boot into BIOS setup by tapping the key given for this on first boot screen, check that Win7 hard drive is detected under Storage or Boot Priority order (usually by its Serial which you can google to find maker) and set to boot first.

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