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I would assume that he was a left handed yo-yo player as every picture I have seen of him depicts his right hand deftly tucked inside of his jacket, leaving only his left hand free.

At roughly the same time (1789) we have the painting of King Louis XVII of France (painted by Mme.

The real importance of this patent is that it suggests the first use of patents to protect design improvements in the "Manufacture" of a yoyo. Haven and Hettrick were indeed in the business of mass producing yoyos over a half century before Flores.

The patent also demonstrates the use of the terms "Bandalore" and "Whirligig"After 1866, there were a flurry of patents issued for such important features as improved methods of attachment of the string to the "Wheel Toy" (1867-John Syrcher), "concave" shape (Aug 27, 1878-William Katz) and significant description of the attributes of rim-weight (1906-Liebreich & Lothrop).

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He would carve a yoyo with all the palm trees, water, birds and my name in a matter of 2-3 minutes. Although "Starbursts" had been around for 15 years more or less, the first mention in a patent is by Joe Radovan in 1966. The Pro Yo is considered, by aficionados, to be the father of most of the modern yo-yos.

Although we are not sure how far back the yo-yo dates (see the other web pages on the subject and you will see what I mean), we do know for fact that they were around as far back as 400-500 BC in Greece.

Yo-yos exist in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (part of the Fletcher Fund) from this period.

The next period in history that is known is the late 1700's and early 1800's in France.

Napoleon was known to carry and use a yo-yo (probably for stress relief).

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It was also the first time rim-weighting was mentioned in a patent.

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