Who is sandra mccoy dating now

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Who is sandra mccoy dating now

It is the dishonesty, the unspoken truth, and the deception that is wrong.

Once a tranny has completed the transition from male to female, they work very hard to fool heterosexual men into believing they are the real mccoy.

Yesterday, I received pictures of a well-known Atlanta DJ hugged up in the club with a person who is alleged to be a tranny.

Jared announced in at the Supernatural Dallas convention in June 2008 that he and sandy were no longer engaged or together (this is on youtube).

So beware if the shawty you’re macking in the club has unusually large feet. Adam’s apple — I would have placed the adam’s apple at the top of this list, but for the fact that some trannies have had the surgery to trim theirs down to the point where it’s virtually undetectable.

Still, the adam’s apple remains the litmus test for trannies. No hips – The average female’s pelvis is wider than a male’s.

Both parties insist that it was a mutual decision and that they still care for each other alot.

Sandra Mccoy released a statement to her website days before the convention stating that they 'both decided they wanted different things.' As of 2009 Jared has been linked to Genevieve Cortese, who played 'Ruby' on season 4 of Supernatural.

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