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About Jim Sturgess's current relationship status 38-years-old star, Jim Sturgess is currently single and is lonely at present.

Because currently, he is focused on his career and his upliftment and we all know that he won't have any problem or any difficulties to have a perfect life partner in his future.

Jim Sturgess love affair and split with Mickey O' Brien Jim, a handsome actor not only with his sexy smile, soft brown puppy eyes, and his hit movies but also with his relationship and his dating history has attracted huge attention in mass and media. Jem first met musician and composer Mickey O' Brien (amazing actress and a composer) for the first time in a rehearsal room in North London and dated her for ten years after their first met.

They were not a perfect couple but also a perfect music to the perfect song.

source: caption: Jim Sturgess and his ex-girlfriend Mickey O' Brein Unfortunately, Jim Sturgess broke-up quietly in 2012 and didn't reveal the reason behind his split with Mickey.

Jim Sturgess starts dating co-star Bae Doo-Na It's just a months getting out from his past love life he began secret love life with his co-star of ' Cloud Atlas', Bae Doo-NA (a South Korean actress and Photographer).

In today’s movies, most special effects are done with computer-generated imagery in post-production.

Sturgess, like us, only got to see the real scope of Geostorm when he finally sat down to watch it in the cinema.

source: caption: Jim Sturgess Jim Sturgess is a renowned American actor who is most widely known for his role in .He is also a singer-songwriter and has a passion for music.During his youth, he used to skateboarding around his local car parks and started his first band at the age of 15 where they would rehearsal in the garage of his friend's dad's house.“I had a couple of sequences that were green-screen special effects days, and they’re very fragmented while you’re filming it.It makes it really exciting to watch it as a film, having been a part of the process, to actually sit and watch the movie and see the giant world they create around you. Much of the film’s character drama happens over video calls between Gerard Butler’s Jake and Sturgess’ Max, as the two brothers trade off saving the world and repairing their relationship.

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“It’s about time we have the Burj Khalfia be brought into one of these things,” I say.