Who is edison chen dating

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Who is edison chen dating

We dated for 6 months when he first joined showbiz. Maybe it was because of pressure from company.” Source: HK Channel This article is written for

Gloria also said that she also dated TVB actor Nathan Ngai, but the relationship ended the same way. My friends asked me to be careful and said that he was flirtatious.Leigh described his life seems like a big joke to him right now, he wrote: "I was sad and angry at the same time when the news broke out about the cheating.However, I chose to listen to my elders' advice to let go and to give myself some respect. Why should I keep on respecting someone that doesn't respect me aymore? Do you want me to wish you happiness even before our divorce is finalized?That’s totally believable, except for the fact that it isn’t.The Edison Chen scandal/Sexy Photos Gate was the biggest story out of Hong Kong that year, and is still brought up all the freaking time today. When I met Cammi, I thought we could give it a try.

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However, Gloria is best known for being “Edison Chen’s rumoured girlfriend” in China. If I refused to go, he would get crazy and scold me. Each taxi ride from my house to his would cost around HK$200.

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