What are free sex chat line number without age confirmation

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What are free sex chat line number without age confirmation

‘Pussy’ implied that the vagina and its owner were domesticated pets. Near the end of the movie, Kitten unbuttoned Claire’s shirt and removed it, ‘to get her ready for bed’, and Claire didn’t object. The hands were wet and Claire realised it was Kitten’s cunt juices she was feeling.

Next to the photos were a series of measurements: “Tits: 34DD, real. ‘It holds everything relevant to know about a woman. ‘Baby, you don’t demean a pig by grading its bacon,’ replied Girl. ‘Um, hi.’ Michael smiled, and gestured in a way that suggested he wanted nothing more than to be here, talking to Claire. ‘Girl, be a good twat and leave us.’ ‘Yes, sir,’ said Girl, exiting. Here she had trouble looking anywhere without a bare cunt or naked bust in her field of view. ‘What we are about is fixing some of the gender inequities in modern society.’ He kept staring at Claire’s breasts. ‘If it really bothers you, you can piss in the sink,’ said Kitten.

‘Rapehole’ was one of hers, and so was ‘milksacks’. As she became lost in creating new deions for tits and cunts, the morning just flew by. ‘Well, at least you know your work is helping to reduce that prejudice,’ said Kitten. She parted her legs to let it in, and Kitten deftly slid it into her sopping wet rape-tunnel. Immediately the voice stopped yelling and returned to its normal routine. When Claire woke up again the sun was up and Kitten was perched between Claire’s exposed legs. ‘I did my own while you were sleeping.’ Claire waited with her legs spread while Kitten finished shaving her.

Chapter 3 THE TOILET Around 11 am Claire felt thirsty. Claire turned and saw a thin, pretty long-haired teenaged blonde looking at her. ‘It will go in the database and if you ever allege rape or are otherwise a lying bitch we will bring it out as character evidence.’ He patted Claire on the head. You seem to me like a good girl.’ After leaving Michael’s office Claire went straight to the toilet. ‘One day we’ll live in a world where what happens at Titcage is normal for everyone.’ At Kitten’s house, Kitten led Claire behind the main building where her parents lived to a small granny flat. Claire sighed with pleasure, and then gasped as Kitten playfully pulled it out a little and then pushed it back in. Claire likes being raped.’ Kitten got up, turned out the lights, and then climbed back into bed, this time in front of Claire. Claire’s tits deserve to be beaten,’ said the training device. The vibrator was still working in Claire’s twat and the voice was still telling her how much she enjoyed having her tits whipped. Claire was scared to move because of the razor, which somehow made the whole experience more intense.

About 90 minutes after she’d drunk the cordial, she became aware of a growing pressure in her bladder, and realised she needed to pee. There were no stalls and no wash basins - just a large tiled room with a low bench at one end and some shower-style hoses and small indentations in the wall at the other. She felt stupid being the new girl who didn’t know where the toilets were. As a young girl she’d been mortified when her father had talked to her friends about how Claire sometimes wet the bed. It was cute - exactly like what Claire imagined a perfect vagina to look like. Most of the staff in our area are women.’ Ranking up was based on work performance, but it was also based on commitment to the Titcage philsophy. The further below men you make yourself, the further above other women you are. Chapter 7 THE PHOTO Claire blushed for almost an hour. Afterwards, Claire had dinner with her parents, watched TV and went to bed. The camera would have gotten an excellent view of that beautiful shaved slutbox and of her bare udders. She kept her head down and concentrated on her work. He was a nineteen year old boy named Jim and Claire had an immediate crush on him. She reached down between her legs and pinched her labia viciously. If you’re not, there will be additional punishments.’ Claire blushed. He’s really very generous to donate his time to keeping you on the straight and narrow.’ Claire started to cry again. I share my room with my sister now.’ ‘Want to come to my place? When Claire’s twat was dry, Kitten got a roll of duct tape, snapped off a short length, and pasted it down across Claire’s cunt. There were stretches, jumps and running in place on the treadmill. She made a long slutty moan, and then started to cry. Her ass was on fire and she had just cum like a disgusting slut on her daddy’s knee. She’d let her friend feed her her own cunt juices, and then licked them off her own hand as well. It was all worse than anything Titcage had made her do. She kept her hands away from her pussy, she didn’t think about girls or sex or sluttiness, and she focused on boring mundane tasks like cleaning her room and watching the TV.

It was almost lunchtime anyway, but she needed to go now, so she got up and headed for the toilets. And she’d never lived down having accidentally wet herself in fifth grade. I need to go anyway.’ Kitten reached down between her legs and adjusted something that Claire couldn’t see, and then got up and walked the blushing Claire back inside the ‘toilets’. Squatting’s unattractive and if the supervisors catch you doing it you’ll get in trouble.’ Kitten peeled off her short skirt and laid it on the low bench. And right through her clit, there was a small metal ring. Doing stuff that shows you know your place makes you more likely to be given a higher rank,’ explained Kitten. Toy’s trying to get a higher rank, because she gets bossed around by Pussy all the time and she’s sick of it.’ Claire’s cunt was throbbing. In bed she looked at the training device for a long time, and then put on her earbuds and tentatively put the capsule into her twat, where it started buzzing happily. ‘Whore lesbian bitch rapetoy slut bimbo slut lesbian.’ And then the pause, and the shock, and, ‘Claire.’ Claire fell asleep surprisingly quickly. She quickly pulled her bedsheets around her to cover her semi naked body. Jim shook her hand; he told her he liked her dress. It would be humiliating to have her panties checked like she was an incontinent baby. ‘Second,’ said her mother, ‘unless you’re at work, you won’t be wearing panties at all. ‘It’s bad enough I have one daughter who’s a lezbo without finding out the other one’s been flashing her beaver at everyone who wants to see it. ‘And fourthly, you’re going to get a spanking each night, right before your sister, for a week. Claire did it all with the vibrator humming in her twat and the earbuds telling her all the things she liked to have stuffed up her cunt. Her father spanked her a few times more and then let her up. At night she ate dinner, then watched Steph get spanked.

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She blushed and sat back down, ready to describe the next naked whore the system offered up. During the masturbation she thought briefly - what did Kitten mean about all the cordial I drink? And in any case Kitten was mostly naked and in no position to judge. Kitten looked at photos from Claire’s trip to Tokyo last year and Claire listened to Kitten talk about performing in her school play. The two girls hugged at the front door, and Claire found herself genuinely regretful that Kitten had to leave. Her right hand pinches her clitoris.’ She pressed enter and her staff photo appeared. She blushed as the two girls looked at her naked tits. And with that, she walked over and threw her arms around Claire. Claire wanted to back away but before she could Kitten said, ‘She’s a higher grade than you, Claire. You have to do what she says.’ Sluthole stopped kissing Claire for a moment. ‘It’ll be all right,’ whispered Kitten, and Claire hugged her friend tightly in thanks. Claire collapsed on her bed, and cried there quietly for nearly half an hour. How could she be in this situation, with her parents thinking she was a slut who threw away her panties for fun? Claire tried to compose herself, and then left her room. ‘We’ve discussed what to do about this disturbing behaviour, and we’ve decided to take several steps.’ Claire said nothing, only waiting. ‘Hi, I’m Travis,’ he said, extending his hand to Kitten. She ignored his hand and gave him a warm hug, pressing her boobs and groin against him tightly. Kitten kept going until the skin around Claire’s pussy was comparatively dry. With daylight coming through the window it felt wrong to be nude. She cried for nearly half an hour, long after the water in the shower had gone cold.