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Western isles dating

Stopping short of the Picts of modern-day Scotland, the Roman emperor Hadrian built his famous wall between the Celts of the north and Roman Britain. The answer is no, but we know they did consider it.

During a foray into southern Scotland, the Roman General [2].

All this information has allowed historians to create a picture of the probable Celtic tribes living in Ireland at the time (100AD). Roman Influences and Irish Colonies: In the last centuries BC, the rest of Celtic Europe fell to the expanding Roman Empire.

The Celts of southern Britain were conquered in 43AD.

On the other hand, it required much hotter fires to extract it from its ore and so it took a fair degree of skill to use iron.

To the south a small upstart republic, with its capital at Rome, was minding its own business.

On the one hand, the Celts - who were by no means pacifists - must have arrived in sufficiently large numbers to obliterate the existing culture in Ireland within a few hundred years.

On the other hand, other better documented invasions of Ireland - such as the Viking invasions of the 7th and 8th centuries AD - failed to have the effect of changing the culture on an islandwide scale.

However it was these Romans who, a few centuries later, would supercede Celtic culture across most of Europe when they built their huge Roman Empire, which stretched from Palestine to England.

The Celts had one major advantage - they had discovered Iron.

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They arrived in Britain and Ireland around 500BC and within a few hundred years, Ireland's Bronze Age culture had all but disappeared, and Celtic culture was in place across the entire island.

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