Websphere not invalidating session

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Websphere not invalidating session

In addition, there are integrations with third party authentication proxies such as e Trust, CA Site Minder and Oracle Oblix as well as web servers and/or application servers such as Microsoft's IIS, Apache and SAP Net Weaver.

There are several challenges involved with providing SSO to IBM Cognos BI, The following sections of this document address these challenges by providing extensive insight into the design concepts and techniques leveraged by IBM Cognos BI to system administrators and security architects.

The AA sub-component of CAM will then employ authentication providers (AP), hosted in separate processes, to attach to external authentication sources to drive the process of session authentication.

The details of this process will be covered later in the Authentication Process section but there are still some additional concepts that need to be introduced.

Each Gateway will relay received requests to only one Dispatcher at a time.

The Dispatcher checks every incoming request for a session ID which would indicate that this request is part of an already established HTTP session.

It is further assumed the reader has some familiarity with security concepts as they apply to web applications.

The new developer Works Premium membership program provides an all-access pass to powerful development tools and resources, including 500 top technical titles for application developers through Safari Books Online, deep discounts on premier developer events, video replays of recent O'Reilly conferences, and more. This chapter is going to provide a comprehensive description of the concepts and components involved with the authentication process in IBM Cognos BI.Each service enforces the existence of an already authenticated session before accepting and handling a request in order to prevent unintended access.This guarantees the client sending the request is identified and linked to an identity.Each request sent to an IBM Cognos BI entry point will therefore have to be routed to an instance of the target service supporting this particular type of request.Routing is handled by a Dispatcher, regardless of whether a request was sent to a Dispatcher directly or indirectly via a Gateway.

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If no session ID is found, it assumes a new session is starting and creates a new session ID.

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