Validating vision mission and core values

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Validating vision mission and core values

We mobilise our community, collaborate to define our strategy, to solve problems, and to stimulate dialogue to address the business challenges of today and tomorrow. As a member-owned cooperative, we look beyond quick fixes and try to craft affordable, sustainable solutions. We were founded in 1973, based on the ambitious and innovative vision of creating a shared worldwide financial messaging service, and a common language for international financial messaging.

Ever since, SWIFT has advanced by embracing the exciting potential of new technologies.

To contribute to the quality of life of humankind by enabling our customers to make the world and our community a healthier and safer place.

To create continuous, sustainable shareholder value and to be the employer of choice in our industry.

Over the past forty years, we have successfully pioneered secure technology, services and standards to enhance our service.

SWIFT was at the forefront of developing digital solutions such as electronic data interchange and file-transfers.

This reflects both the support of our community to raise our ambitions as well as the economics of our time. ‘Together’ means strength, drawing on the resources of the global SWIFT community.

To ‘achieve more together’, we will harness what has been called ‘one of the dominant franchises of our network age’ and tap the enormous potential of that franchise for the benefit of our worldwide community of members.

As a neutral global cooperative, SWIFT is defined by its community of users around the world. By drawing from the resources of the global SWIFT community, we are able to harness the potential of our franchise for the benefit of our worldwide community of members.Thousands of financial institutions trust us to deliver millions of financial messages every day.We operate at the heart of the world’s financial industry and take this responsibility very seriously. We do our utmost to ensure that our community of users values their SWIFT experience.All of these principles have practical action attached to them – whether it’s raising money to support Comic Relief or wearing a jumper before turning up the heating to reduce energy use. Our vision is to be the first choice of ethically-driven organisations worldwide for management consultancy, fundraising consultancy and learning and development.That work will consistently produce legendary results for our customers and will help dramatically improve their ability to achieve their mission.

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Commitment to our customers is part of our commitment to issues of social justice.