Validating cluster resource sql server cougar dating rules

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Validating cluster resource sql server

This is an easy-to-use tool that automatically performs a variety of tests on your hardware and configuration and then produces a report with summary and detailed results.

This tool should be run when you first create a cluster and when you modify the cluster configuration.

It is worth noting that these parameters are 100% configurable.The first is that all of the hardware must have passed certification tests from Microsoft and be listed for your version of Windows Server on the Windows Server Catalog – this includes any additional cards that you might at to servers, and so on.The second requirement is that your finished cluster must pass a series of tests that are performed by the cluster validation wizard that is a part of the Failover Cluster Manager (FCM).All you need to do is go into the properties of the cluster group, and in the "failover" tab you will have the option to change these two parameters (Maximum failures in the specified period and Period (hours). These dependencies will need to be reestablished to the new Data Keeper volume resource, so please take note of what these dependencies are before completing this first step by viewing the Dependency Report.

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Windows cluster is still alive (I can remote desktop onto the cluster via shared name), but the SQL is not visible, and cluster manager reports the resource as offline.

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