Updating your pc

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Updating your pc

The access will only be granted after paying the ransom.

In order to avoid this threat, make sure that you periodically backup those important files in a different location.

A smart and easy way to update the drivers is through Driver Restore.

The driver updater utility provides a simplistic approach towards optimizing the PC performance.

Ransomware can: However, if you have installed the latest version of Windows or you are regular on updating your system, the PC is less likely to be infected by the Wanna Cry ransomware.

Listed are a few of the OS that are less susceptible to get infected: If the recent version of these listed Windows OS have not been updated in a timely manner, there are still high chances of being a target.

The mode of attack implemented by ransomware includes infecting targets through traditional methods.

Store your data in the external hard drive for local backups and the cloud network to ensure you don’t lose it by any means.The driver update software scans the system for an outdated or missing drivers and lists them.The next step includes updating the required drivers.Ransomware is a malicious software that will seal your device (PC, tablet or mobile), infect your files and display a message demanding for ransom.The affected users are asked to pay the ransom amount via Bitcoin or similar payment modes.

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Once the PC has been infected with the malware, the software code checks the system for additional targets through networks and infects the new found victims.

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