Updating views in visual c

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Updating views in visual c

The view will use this property to determine which check boxes must be displayed as selected.Finally, the list is passed to the view in The code then loops through all courses in the database and checks each course against the ones currently assigned to the instructor versus the ones that were selected in the view.The UI that enables you to change which courses an instructor is assigned to is a group of check boxes.A check box for every course in the database is displayed, and the ones that the instructor is currently assigned to are selected.The department name in the Index page list comes from the navigation property, showing that the relationship was established correctly. When you edit an instructor record, you want to be able to update the instructor's office assignment. Now you'll enhance the Instructor Edit page by adding the ability to change course assignments using a group of check boxes, as shown in the following screen shot: The relationship between the Course and Instructor entities is many-to-many.The Instructor entity has a one-to-zero-or-one relationship with the Office Assignment entity, which means your code has to handle the following situations: Run the app, select the Instructors tab, and then click Edit on an instructor. To add and remove relationships, you add and remove entities to and from the Course Assignments join entity set.

To optimize performance of the Course Details and Delete pages, add .Run the app, select the Courses tab, click Create New, and enter data for a new course: Click Create.The Courses Index page is displayed with the new course added to the list. The Courses Index page is displayed with the updated course data.To provide data to the view for the list of check boxes, you'll use a view model class.Create property is set to true for courses the instructor is assigned to.

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When the check boxes are initially rendered, those that are for courses assigned to the instructor have checked attributes, which selects them (displays them checked).

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