Updating sap kernel

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Updating sap kernel

Like JAVA, the ABAP code is cross-platform, be compiled within the ABAP runtime and run using resources that the SAP kernel requested from OS.

To upgrade the kernel the follow the steps as details below: • Stop the SAP application, including the database • Login as user sidadm • Make a copy of the files in /sapmnt/SID/exe • Copy the new kernel archive file in the directory Atpspd01sapmntsid DVEBMGS00exe • Uncar the new kernel in the directory /sapmnt/SID/exe as follows: o cd /sapmnt/SID/exe o SAPCAR –xvf Hi, Is this mandatory to shutdown Database in kernel upgrade process.?? You are upgrading the SAP Kernel right, means SAP is the application server and to retrieve the data you will use Database.

My client wants to change and upgrade the R/3 kernel.

They had already upgraded from the 4.5B to the 4.7 kernel, and now want to update that kernel.

If this is the case, it’s usually easy to pick an older kernel at boot time that works, but something may always go wrong.

Therefore, we’re not responsible for any damage to your system — use at your own risk!

Then check to see if the output says x86_64 or i686. This will tell you what the current stable version of the kernel is.

offers to update the complete SAP kernel with the latest SAR archives from the SAP Service Marketplace right after the SAP kernel is installed from the DVD.

Due to this, you have already the latest kernel version before the data import is started.

When you are executing the It is important to download always both SAR archives SAPEXE and SAPEXEDB Another important part is the SAP HANA client software.

Step 11 − Start SAP Applications using this command — startsap r3.

Step 12 − If you run Transaction SM52, you can see current kernel version level.

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It is not directly a part of the SAP kernel but still should be on the latest version during the data import. Also the SAP HANA client is down- and upward compatible.

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