Updating multiple fields using update query is robert plant dating liz jones

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Updating multiple fields using update query

The update query below shows that the PICTURE column is updated by looking up the same ID value in CATEGORY_ID column in table Categories_Test and Categories. If you need to update multiple columns simultaneously, use comma to separate each column after the SET keyword. Here we only want to update PICTURE column in Categories_Test table where the data in Category_Name column is Seafood in table Categories. Software and hardware names mentioned on this site are registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Should any right be infringed, it is totally unintentional.

Use SET and then give a comma-delimited name=value listing of updates.

Also, putting stuff into the database, you probably want to add slashes rather than stripping them.

You probably know how much fun it can be to try to debug or reverse engineer someone else's handiwork! Use the built-in Help that comes with Excel/Access 2. A lot of VBA code can be acquired by using the Macro Recorder.

Cross table update (also known as correlated update, or multiple table update) in Oracle uses non-standard SQL syntax format (non ANSI standard) to update rows in another table. Update data in table A based on two or more common columns in table B.

I assume not since I couldn't find anything about this, but maybe someone has a clever alternative (besides using a procedure or updating each column using a : In my case I have 14 potential columns that may be updated, with only one being updated per matching row (the table to be updated is joined with another in the query).

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A bit more advanced approach would be to use Record Set logic in VBA and loop through the recordset and update the fields that meet your criteria. You have no idea the hoops I've jumped through to do things in SQL that would be SO MUCH EASIER to do in VBA. One option would be to use multiple queries, then just create a Macro (not the same as VBA in Access - use the Macro object) to run all those queries with a single click.

Then it can all be done in a single process (though this is a bit more complex and requires some knowledge of VBA and Recordsets). Use the built-in Help that comes with Excel/Access 2. A lot of VBA code can be acquired by using the Macro Recorder. The big advantage to that is if you are turning it over to someone else, it may make it a little easier for them to maintain/support (because if you tried to do it all in a single query, it could get quite complex and hard to follow).

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ok, I've tried just updating 1 column (title, date, body) and they all work fine that way so why doesn't it work when Itry to update 3 at once ???