Updating glibc

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Updating glibc

Full Story (comments: 6) Security updates have been issued by Arch Linux (strongswan, wireshark-cli, wireshark-common, wireshark-gtk, and wireshark-qt), Cent OS (libvirt, procps-ng, and thunderbird), Debian (apache2, git, and qemu), Gentoo (beep, git, and procps), Mageia (mariadb, microcode, python, virtualbox, and webkit2), open SUSE (ceph, pdns, and perl-DBD-mysql), Red Hat (kernel), SUSE (HA kernel modules, libmikmod, ntp, and tiff), and Ubuntu (nvidia-graphics-drivers-384).Full Story (comments: none) The advent of user namespaces and container technology has made it possible to extend more root-like powers to unprivileged users in a (we hope) safe way.One remaining sticking point is the mounting of filesystems, which has long been fraught with security problems.

While it resulted in a quit different file, it still had the lines of code with expr -- in it.

A version of that patch set has been merged into the net-next tree for 4.18.

It will not be replacing any existing packet filters in its current form, but it does feature a significant change to one of its more controversial features: the new user-mode helper mechanism.

Le dossier Release pour récupérer les fichiers compiler le lancer de compilation avec les commandes Buildconf Configurenmake ...

voir la documentation https://net/internals/windows/stepbystepbuild tout est déjà pré configuré vous vous trouvez à la section "Compile"partie "4.

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