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It's important to note that PC manufacturers (such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, and others) can modify Intel's drivers to add or remove functionalities.

This means that if you have a branded device, it's recommended to download the latest graphics update from your manufacturer first instead of Intel.

To update a device driver using Device Manager, do the following: Once you've completed the steps, if there's a newer version of the driver available will download and install automatically.

(This process is similar to using Windows Update.) If no driver update is found and you know there is a new version, then you'll need to manually download the latest driver from your manufacturer support website and follow their instructions.

The only caveat using this process is that it can take a long time until manufacturers make available a new update using this channel unless it's Microsoft hardware.

You can also update a particular driver for a device, such as a printer, Wi-Fi adapter, sound card, monitor, and component using Device Manager.

For example, when a piece of hardware isn't recognized automatically, suddenly stops working correctly, or a fix for a severe bug has released, or support for a new version of the OS is required.

Although Windows 10 does a good job automatically configuring new hardware and peripherals if you're experiencing problems you may need to update a driver manually.

Just remember that if you're using a branded laptop, tablet, or desktop, it's best to first download the driver update from your PC manufacturer support website.

If these details match the information provided by the manufacturer, then you're running the latest version.

Alternatively, you can check this information before updating the device driver, and if the date and version information increases, then you've successfully updated the hardware driver.

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We check for the latest graphics drivers in real-time to help give you smoother gaming, streaming, and media editing.

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