Typying sex chat is jordin sparks dating blake lewis

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Typying sex chat

If you have yet to text her dirty or haven’t even remotely entered the domain of sexual content, the first thing you want to do is test what her response may be. The last thing you want to do is scare her away when all she needed was a brief intro into such matters.

One thing you can do to test whether she’s ready to take the conversation there or even if her involvement with you is on that level is to casually throw nicknames.

The digital age gifted us with technology that allows us to be close to one another at all times and if we use it correctly, we can use it to help us get even closer to that woman of our dreams.

Here are some tips and techniques you can use if you want to incorporate texting dirty with your significant other. But you never know a woman’s level of comfortability or how long it takes her to pull that side out.

Once she gives her opinion ask for a picture of her outfit as well.That’s a dangerous game and it’s one with risks and high probability of failure.Alluding and suggesting nudes rather than outright sending them, then doing so in a manner where she feels empowered is your best chance of being able to exchange private photos.Sending something like: “see you in a couple of sex” (instead of secs) or “I want to fuck you in your bed and read you a story” (instead of tucking you in the bed) and waiting a while before saying sorry and blaming it on your phone, will give her a chance to step into that realm of seductiveness that you might otherwise find awkward to bring up. Testing her response is huge not only because it reveals where you stand with her but it can be that transition you need to take the relationship to that level of sensuality you want.Sending nudes is tricky because it can easily backfire if done too soon or can be a great way to sell yourself. Unless you’ve already crossed that physical boundary and you guys are sexual with each other, you do not want to send a nude out of the blue.

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