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Just because he sends me a personalized message doesn’t mean he didn’t send 18 other women a personalized message. Are you both looking for the same things in a relationship? A few years ago, I was relatively inexperienced with online dating. I couldn’t say no, he was cute, funny, sweet, and loved art. I’m sorry, but when I’m on a date with a guy, I expect his attention to be on me.But I want to feel like I’m not just another girl to him. It’s more convenient and easier to meet someone online than offline. However, there are more similarities to the process than there are differences. I had only met maybe 2-3 guys I chatted with online at this point. We seemed to have a lot in common – most notably our love for art. If it’s not, that clearly shows me he’s not interested.Tell him about it and he’ll put you on ignore faster than you can open your tampon wrapper. Acting like you’ve memorized his profile makes you seem desperate. So don’t respond to an email asking about your interest in hiking by saying that you went to the same College and it’s, like, totally awesome and stuff! I’m sure he already knows you went to the same school. And only respond to his messages if they’re worthy of being responded to. He’ll wonder if you’re just sitting around waiting for some guy to contact you. And we all want to avoid attracting men we’re not into. Then we whine and complain to our girlfriends about how every guy is an asshole. But wouldn’t it be more fun to start dating the right men. How we write our profile and the type of pictures we upload will impact the type of men that contact us. In that case, go ahead and post slutty photos of yourself.“Hey, you’ve got a great ass” isn’t worthy of a response. Hey, if you just want a guy to come use you for sex, that’s fine. But for those that are seeking a , stick with an attractive, classy photo.If you do, you’ll weed out the guys you are unlikely to be interested in.I’ll be honest, I’ve received hundreds of emails from guys that clearly never read my profile.

You don't have to do everything a guy does to be easy to relate to, you just have to be down to earth and willing to talk with them about their interests (even if they're different from yours). I love him, but I'm not in with him, and I really like this other guy.The best way to guarantee he read your profile is by asking a question either at the bottom or somewhere in the middle of your profile.It could be any random question such as what is 2 2?A: It's easy to assume that guys don't get intimidated by us the way we can get intimidated by them. He may in fact like you, but is too scared to say anything about it.If he leaves his friends at lunch to come sit with you, then you at least know he likes you as a friend.

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