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Tips on consolidating debt

You need to make sure that you are moving your debt into a lower interest rate and that the difference is sufficient enough to make it worth your while.

This is admittedly obvious, but bears saying because it is so important.

If you are taking out a loan that is sufficiently large enough to consolidate all of your debt, then this point is moot.

If, however, you can only take out a loan large enough to cover a of your debt, you will need to decide which debt to consolidate.

An interesting study out of MIT found that switching to the use of cash made participants more cognizant of their spending, resulting in a reduction in total spending.At the conclusion of the loan (they are typically 6-12 months); the goal is to roll the debt once more into a traditional mortgage or other, even lower, interest rate loan.It is important to keep in mind that you are not going into debt to get out of debt. This actually lowers the number of loans you have and helps you reduce your debt more quickly.It is admittedly much easier to get into debt than get out of it (a lot more fun too).While hard work and will power are necessary to get you out of debt, they aren’t always sufficient to do so.

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With that in mind, this article provides 6 great tips on how to consolidate your debt...

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