Third eye blind lead singer dating

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Third eye blind lead singer dating

During the course of the interview, he mentions his love of going fast -- in cars, boats and motorcycles ("I love it when that front wheel comes off the ground! His favorite music of the moment is by Johnny Cash, Interpol and the Streets.

According to his mother, he is most relaxed when he's onstage.

Jenkins will be on hand to help with the recording and engineering.

Halfway through the leisurely afternoon meal, the cafe's genial owner, Pierre Chatel, ventures over to ask Jenkins about the progress of the album.

At around the same time, he flunked first grade because he couldn't read.The extent to which this rules is rivaled only by the extent to which getting caught sucks.Once I thought I had my apartment to myself so I celebrated by shower-performing an passionate Dixie Chicks cover (as you do), only to find out, shortly after toweling off, that my roommate's boyfriend was still definitely lurking behind the closed door to her room."I'm now getting back to the authentic, to the nitty-gritty." Jenkins had just finished tweaking lyrics to a final song on Third Eye Blind's 14-track album, "Out of the Vein," which he produced.The album, to be released next month by Elektra, is "raw and lovely," he says, and marks a "a new period for the band." The songs are not "decorative" and not suitable for background music, he adds. I'm really proud of it." Jenkins, who has been called everything from an egotist to a canny careerist, is Third Eye Blind: its creativity, charisma, sex-appeal, vision, ambition, CEO.

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"I watched them from when they started work on the album," Chatel says.