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Much of Danny's interaction with Mc Garrett outside work usually involves an argument on the way to and from a crime scene or when interviewing suspects, resulting in characters commenting about the duo being like an "old married couple".

Their partnership even being referred to as a marriage by Danny (and several other characters), and him even calling Mc Garrett "babe" on several occasions.

Their polar opposite personalities and work styles are often a source of both friction and banter.

For example, Mc Garrett is extremely neat and organized, likely a result of his military days, whereas Danny tends to be a slob, as evidenced by the appearance of their offices and homes.

He often describes his time with the Newark PD as a "happy time" of his life as he was still happily married to Rachel and Grace was born.

Danny is portrayed as a loyal cop who is married to his job first and life second.

In the Pilot, Danny had moved to Hawaii six months ago and was a "greener than grass" homicide detective with the HPD when he was assigned the murder investigation of John Mc Garrett.

When he was a patrol officer, he testified against his training officer, Rick Peterson (Peter Greene), under a subpoena during Peterson's trial for corruption.

In 2001, he witnessed the murder of his partner Grace Tilwell by a pair of gangsters they had been sent to apprehend.

At least 18.3 million viewers tuned in to watch Sarah Connor (Lena Headey) and her son John (Thomas Dekker) run for their lives with the help of their fearless protector Cameron (Summer Glau).

Detective Sergeant Daniel "Danny" "Danno" James Williams is a member of the Five-0 Task Force and the de facto second in command.

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He comes into contact with John's son Lieutenant Commander Steve Mc Garrett, then still on active duty, who returns home to Hawaii seeking revenge and intending to take over the investigation into the murder of his father.

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