Statutory law and dating minors good name for dating site

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Statutory law and dating minors

Punishment for statutory rape can include mandatory prison or jail sentences, probation, fines, and mandated treatment services.Many states require those convicted of statutory rape to register as sex offenders.

In other states, they shift the offense to a lower level, such as a misdemeanor.

There are very few federal laws dealing with statutory rape.

No Requirement of Force Statutory rape differs from other types of rape, and from child molestation, in that the act would not be a crime if all participants were above the age of consent.

For these reasons, it's important to consult with a criminal defense attorney experienced in sex crimes to discuss your specific situation.

If you engage in sexual conduct with someone under the age of 18, does it matter if it's consensual?

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State laws vary widely on these factors, with almost each state using a different calculation method to classify the level of offense.

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