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And Indian growth has been left in the dust by the Chinese express (see chart).

People who refused military service were also banned from some holidays and hotels — showing that vacation plans are fair game too.17 people who refused to carry out military service last year were barred from enrolling in higher education, applying for high school, or continuing their studies, Beijing News reported.Citizens with low social credit would also be prohibited from enrolling their children at high-paying private schools, Botsman said.“We’re very appreciative of the fact that the government of China has announced that they will be allowing full ownership of manufacturing facilities in China,” Musk said during the call.The comments came after Beijing announced it would scrap foreign ownership limits on local electric car firms starting from this year, paving the way for Tesla to set up a wholly owned car assembly plant in China.

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  2. The current rankings are an estimation due to the accounts of witnesses.“Everybody was trying to figure out how to get local products into grocery stores, restaurants and schools,” Haskins says.“At the time, we had more questions than answers.” One answer came in the form of the Meet the Buyers program where supply and demand sit at the same table.