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Users who subscribe to Happn Essential get 10 chances to "Say Hi" to another user every day.

The trickle-down continues: As INSIDER's Talia Lakritz reported, matchmaking is trendy again, especially among people who are frustrated by dating apps. Jean Carroll, cofounder of Tawkify, a network of "dating concierges," and Carroll told her that the service works at least partly because it "limits your choices." Carroll also said you have double the odds of meeting someone through a matchmaker than through online dating — though you have to be in a certain financial position to use one.

Tawkify's services range from to ,000 a year, Lakritz reported. But it's possible that daters and app-developers alike have begun to observe the effects of what social scientists call "choice overload" or the "paradox of choice." The more options you have, research suggests, the less likely you are to make any decision at all.

And as most everyone who's used a dating app can attest, you can swipe for hours and match with dozens of people, only to not hear back from anyone or have your conversations peter out.

Ashley Fetters, a 26-year-old editor at GQ, told The Atlantic's Julie Beck that "there's an illusion of plentifulness," adding, "It makes it look like the world is full of more single, eager people than it probably is." Having someone restrict your dating options for you may be the smartest decision you can make.

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Could there be someone or many people better out there?

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