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However, many of those attending that September weekend believe that Turin cannot and should not be allowed to be the sole authority responsible for access to and determination of future testing of the Holy Shroud.

They expressed a very broad spectrum of opinions on the restoration and the results.

Hopefully, it will serve as a forum where the experts can give concise written statements that present the scientific basis for their opinions, and where you, the viewer can get the information necessary to decide for yourself.

Comments are listed on this page alphabetically by author's last name. - Medical Examiner and Professor of Pathology Petition to Pope John Paul II Guidelines For Submitting Comments The American balladeer Bob Dylan once sang "The times, they are a changing" and nowhere is that truth more apparent than in Turin's policy regarding the recent "intervention/'restoration'" of the Holy Shroud.

But the issue of management style has never been a priority of the Church.

"They" have the influence, power, control, and authority to do whatever is felt to be in the best interest of their "secret goals." Certainly this seems to be an accurate description of what has actually transpired.

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Since its initial discovery in the Empty Tomb on that first Easter morn, the Shroud has been conserved by both the Orthodox and Roman Catholic branches of the Faith.

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