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He hasn’t done the PR circuit for a film in some time, he hasn’t been spotted in a few months macking on another random celebrity we vaguely dislike (like Kirsten Dunst, Sienna Miller, Mary-Kate Olsen or Abbie Cornish), and apart from event appearances he just hasn’t been around.There may be a very good reason for that – Josh is busy getting serious with a new girlfriend!The couple met up with friends at Imperial Woodpecker, which serves up New Orleans style snow cones, before going their separate ways.Josh and Sophia have been spotted out multiple times lately, with the duo enjoying a walk together and attending a fashionable bash last week.I have very pale skin and light eyelashes too and I only leave the house without makeup in an emergency.(I don’t overdo it though – at least I don’t think I do!Their relationship seems to be going strong though Josh has also been out and about without his girlfriend.

The two were photographed kissing on a yacht and at dinner. Magazine’s report: Actor Josh Hartnett and his Norwegian girlfriend Sophia Lie’s relationship is heating up while the couple enjoy each other’s company on a vacation in Italy.

Josh Hartnett and his gorgeous girlfriend, Norwegian model Sophia Lie, drop by the Thompson Chemists Pharmacy in the So Ho neighborhood of New York City on Saturday (September 5).

Josh, 31, and Sophia, 20, have been dating for several months now. A few months ago, Sophia shared her earliest fashion memory: “I used to go to the opera with my mom when I was five, and I remember seeing the beautiful gowns that the women would wear.

) It takes a lot to pull off the no-makeup look, especially when you’re pale-skinned. Lie may not wear makeup at all when she’s not working as I found event photos (below) of her looking washed-out too.

She does look lovely and fresh-faced, but a little makeup is called for when you’re going out.

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Of course, those two broke up more than once, and a Dlisted reader spotted him attempting to get over Scar Jo during one of their “off” periods by getting a beej in a bar bathroom from some random chick. Anyway, I always found Josh to be sort of geeky cute even though I unfailingly associate him with the womanizing character he played in . But gorgeous Amanda Seyfried, 26 — who recently split from regular guy Andrew Joblon, a real estate exec, after five months together — and hunky Josh Hartnett just might be a perfect match.