Sisqo who is he dating

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Sisqo who is he dating

The 38-year-old sported silver hair and tinted small-framed sunglasses in the original video from 1999; trends that are slowly coming back into style. ''When she first came into the house, she seemed a maybe little shy at first, and then, you know, when we were out there in the smoking area, she seemed to open up a little bit more. He told how he has not had an alcoholic drink for 20 years and that the 21st anniversary of this achievement will come during his time in the house.that music and art is still appreciated today." Sisqó may very well be a modern renaissance man, but recording technology changes so fast that it can make older songs sound a little dated — but not under Sisqó's watch.

They even recounted stories from when they were together on The Graham Norton Show.

The remix is slick and devoid of campy arrangements, which seems to suit an era where pre-teens are You Tube beauty experts, never suffering through a phase of cakey, orange foundation and over-plucked eyebrows.

Still, without the kitsch of the original, it doesn't really give that same warm and fuzzy feeling (like the one we get looking back on the army of butterfly clips that peppered our junior high yearbooks).

Thong Song became one of the biggest hits of the noughties thanks to the ridiculous lyrics about ladies rocking big bums and thighs in a G-string.

But for the last 16 years, many of us have wondered – what exactly did Sisqo mean when he sang: "She had dumps like a truck"?

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