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Their colors will be determined by the witch they were received from.

At a glance, females may appear to wear laced corsets, but this is actually the lacing that holds the robe closed.

This charm requires 3 Beeswax ingredients that can be homemade (by the beehive) or bought from Magic Town.

While witches and warlocks receive distinctive clothing, they can change into normal clothing and headgear, which has no effect on their magical powers.Once the elixir is obtained, the Sim must drink it to become a witch.Sims can throw it onto others to turn them as well.To cast spells or create potions and items (specifically, thrones, floor lamps, wall lamps and hanging lamps), reagents are required.As said above, these can be obtained by purchasing them from NPC witches, or crafted in a cauldron.

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Once done, the Sim will become either a good or evil witch, depending on the type of witch they befriended, and will have an extended name including their alignment, for example, "Goneril Capp the Evil Witch".

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