Sex in private roommates dating

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Sex in private

Is private sex mostly a biological or cultural behavior? It is interesting and quite under-researched topic in psychology.

What has been studied and definied extensively are different abnormal sexual behaviours, and exhibitionism is one of them.

Human couples usually have sex in private, hidden not only from predators, but also - other humans.

It is unlike behavior of most species, including our relatives: bonobos, chimpanzees and gorillas.

Symons argued that having sex in private underlines the exclusivity of the relationship between monogamous couples.

This theory does assume that sexual exclusivity is a universal feature of human relations.

For example, I think it was Captain Cook or someone like that who described scenes in Tahiti where people were having sex while their neighbours looked on.

But I don't know if this was considered usual behaviour in Tahiti or if there was some special context, such as it being part of a special ceremony where the usual expectation of privacy was relaxed.

There are instances, of course, where people have sex more openly.Overall, evolutionary account would highlight that out need for private sex is related with growth for security, the extension of shame, and the evolution of modesty.Along the same line, Malinowski (1927) also points out that sexual intercourse in public could excite jealousy and would be an indicator to invite rivals to seize that which is being enjoyed. According to Donald Symons (1979) "The evolution of human sexuality", it is a species specific adaptation that seems to be universal across [email protected] Migdal specified that he is mainly interested in the issue of "unwillingness to have sex in public".We can trace the origin of such 'unwillingness' to the sense of shame that could be explained from evolutionary standpoint.

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In fact, it seems that much of Athenian love life took place in public places: many vases show how people are looking when two people are having intercourse.