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21 [ PM]: i want your cum in my mouth Stdwwwe [ PM]: oh, i want you back in my ass!!

21 [ PM]: let me suck you off then you do me Stdwwwe [ PM]: but i want you to cum in my mouth, too 21 [ PM]: let me get my dildo and i'll do both Stdwwwe [ PM]: and all over my face, too!

21 [ AM]: ah, ah, ah, uh, oooooooooohhhhhhhh, shit, fuck yeah, yeah, yes!!!!!

21 [ AM]: i love it man 21 [ AM]: i love your cock inside me 21 [ AM]: cum up me 21 [ AM]: fill me till im oozing Stdwwwe [ AM]: yeah, man, really close!

Unknown to the girl the guy was actually 6 older men, and unknown to the 6 older men, the girl was not a girl but was an undercover cop.

As far as I am aware there are no other adult roleplay communities of any significant size or activity - most of the others are either tiny or dying. There are new adult roleplaying communities on the Internet that have a forum with a central chat room as well as private chats. I once read that a guy and a girl were talking and they decided to meet.

21 [ PM]: i can feel all the pre cum you've oozed while i was stripping, it feel like you've already cum there is so much of it! 21 [ PM]: i get up and stand before you 21 [ PM]: and let you stare at all my hardness Robbyu21 [ PM]: then i demand that you strip yourself Stdwwwe [ PM]: you are soo beautiful, man!

21 [ PM]: yess, oh god yes 21 [ PM]: keep doing that Stdwwwe [ PM]: i LOVE how this feels!!!!!

21 [ PM]: just probing the head in a little 21 [ PM]: proding, and proding 21 [ PM]: does it hurt?

21 [ PM]: im gonna get in a little deeper now Stdwwwe [ PM]: ohhh, i can feel you popping inside me - no it doesn't hurt 21 [ PM]: a little deeper now 21 [ PM]: deeper still Stdwwwe [ PM]: but it will as you fill me up, man 21 [ PM]: until im in balls deep 21 [ PM]: now im gonna pull all the way back out Stdwwwe [ PM]: oh, i'm squeezing my asshole on your hard cock Stdwwwe [ PM]: can you feel it?

21 [ PM]: i reach my hand between my legs and finger my hole Stdwwwe [ PM]: ohhhhh!

-- i want to lick it 21 [ PM]: i slowly back up to you and give you a lap dance through your shorts 21 [ PM]: i can feel your cock rock hard through them, i can also feel that they are wet.

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21 [ PM]: how bout urself Stdwwwe [ PM]: i'm 6'2", 180 lbs 21 [ PM]: really Stdwwwe [ PM]: blonde, green eyes Stdwwwe [ PM]: 7" cut and hard and wet 21 [ PM]: you think so 21 [ PM]: i love green eyes Stdwwwe [ PM]: hey, i love brown eyes 21 [ PM]: coo 21 [ PM]: we're perfect 21 [ PM]: ;-) Stdwwwe [ PM]: and warm inviting skin 21 [ PM]: mmm...sounds nice Stdwwwe [ PM]: and i'm naked right now 21 [ PM]: im in my shorts 21 [ PM]: wanna help me out of them Stdwwwe [ PM]: and wanting to hold your beautiful body really close to mine Stdwwwe [ PM]: yeah, let's take them off 21 [ PM]: yeah baby 21 [ PM]: lets play a game Stdwwwe [ PM]: and what's under those shorts? 21 [ PM]: a big meaty cock and heavy hairy ball sacs 21 [ PM]: tell me one of your fantacies.