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The refinishing was cancelled (by the vendor) just prior to SXSW and we felt it was unfair (with only 7 employees) to change whatever plans the staff had made for their vacations and force them to work.We are a very busy bar during SXSW, so the break was well needed…

(The Statesman Capitol 10K, which drew more than half as many people that year, generated less than a quarter of the economic impact.) Austin police note that crime numbers are no higher during Relays weekend than any other weekend of the year.

Indeed, it was argued that such was the popularity of the movie, which grossed 0 million at the box office, that Routh would never be able to get a fair trial on account of Kyle's skyrocketing fame.

'It gave me a better outlook on Chris' role as a Marine,' one of the jurors said.

He claimed he shot the two men because he feared they would kill him Mentally ill?

A psychologist for the prosecution testified Routh, pictured with his ex-girlfriend, has a personality disorder made worse by heavy drug use, calling his condition 'cannabis-induced psychosis'.

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Even as Austin’s entertainment districts have taken on different identities (East Austin for hipsters, Rainey Street for college kids, Red River for people who want to hear live music), Sixth Street is still the go-to spot for tourists.

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