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Sex dating in clear spring maryland

Or do you frequently feel you are engaging in life with a "smile" on your face that does not match what's going on inside?

These overwhelming feelings of anxiety or depression could be due to a recent life change or they may have been weighing heavily on you for some time.

I look to provide that tailored experience to each one of my clients, and hope to work with you to aid in your growth and development.

My goal is to help you reach your best self, and to improve your happiness.""A caring relationship and a safe space to be open are the cornerstones to a successful therapeutic experience.

My promise is to support you consistently and unconditionally.

My mission is to help each individual experience the sunshine in their life.""If life is a journey and you are at a wrong or unfamiliar juncture, I will be a trustworthy guide and companion as you chart your way to your destination.

I also support people in their struggles with relationships, jobs, and general well being.""! My approach focuses on supporting you to use constructive and healthy ways to better manage challenges life sometimes presents.

Through our work together, we will identify your internal strengths and build both skills and tools that will help improve your sense of self and your relationships, as well as increase your overall quality of life. I believe that the overall health of a person depends on their physical, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing- an integrated mind & body perspective.

We will work together as a team to explore past trauma and positive memories, present sources of stress and joy, and your hopes and fears about the future.""Does your life occur like a cloudy day? Sometimes YOU need a caring and compassionate person to listen to your issues.

Do those clouds show up in the form of anger, anxiety, depression, low energy, fear, and no clear understanding of what's happening to you? My vision is to provide a space for YOU to sort through your situation that is CARING, PEACEFUL, SUPPORTIVE, and NON-JUDGMENTAL.

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I have a unique background having worked as a scientist for 30 years and understand the "professional-mind", issues with relationships, and difficulties in developing a meaningful and joyful life.""I am looking forward to working with you and help bring about changes that will allow you to reduce anxiety and depression, and experience more energy and joy in your life.

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