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Sedating websters facts and phrases

This experience led her to relocate to California, get a divorce, and leave her daughter in care of her ex-husband.

These bold actions were practically unheard of during this time, particularly for women.

Herland is a visit to an island inhabited by a community of women under the rule of the New Motherhood (replaces male-oriented ideals). It certainly adds dimension to this story doesn't it?

Charlotte Perkins Gilman co-founded the Women's Peace Party in 1915 with activist Jane Addams. That poor woman, I had NO idea that this was written in the late 1800s.

Looks like this casebook is essays about Yellow Wallpaper, I'm guessing here... Lou Lou, I have been absolutely astounded at what's been written on this thing, thank you so much for trying to find out, just the knowledge that a dissertation WAS written on it is a "heads up" to me, I was just doing a lark in the park you might say, we'll depend on our sharp eyed readers to help us out here, anything you can find will be more than welcome, I''m floored by the dissertation idea already!

but doesn't look like it will be an easy one to find... Speaking of sharp eyed readers, our Horselover, super!!

"It is so pleasant to be out in this great room and creep around as I please! Don't you love the contrast between the sainted doctor husband and his sick wife, and why does she say she thinks the reason she IS sick is because he's a doctor? It is one of the most terrifying pieces of writing I've ever come across, one which makes me want to throw up every time I look at it. The first time I read it, I made quick notes on a piece of paper. It makes me think of those old film-noir movies, where the husband is trying to drive the wife crazy.

) Lou2, will you please ask your friend for all and any of her insights?

Maybe I'm wigging out and don't have sense enough to know it. ago and now I've been forced to wait to creep into the yellow wallpaper. Well that's what we like, Andrea, eagerness to begin, isn't there a song about AN tic i pation!

hahahahahaa builds up the excitement and this one will not be a disappointment, don't want to say more now about what the story is actually SAYING, but I think we will love the discussion, I KNOW people will love the story, can't wait to see what everybody comes up with, hopefully a million DIFFERENT perspectives.ginny Whoops I didn't realize it was a story we were going to discuss and here I read it while grandboys are in school and my daughter is not at home teaching this morning (I'm visiting - - part of the story reminds me of some movie I saw of a child who experienced a tragic plane crash in the jungle that killed her father and who is handling her emotions with unusual behavior - she must blend into the background of all her surroundings and while both her mother and the doctor are out of the room in the hospital or clinic, she paints herself to look just like the wall paper and tree outside the window in the room - all the staff and her parents are wildly looking for the child and finally the Doctor figures it out - he goes back into the room and sees the child painted so closely to the background and of course the story ends with the child in good hands to be cured...

) You are in for SOME ride, kind of like Barbara's Alligators, we must get her to talk to us about that some day, IN FACT, Barbara, when you get home, I would like for that to be one of our Topic Tuesdays in the Women in Literature, would you mind typing it out for us then?

(Barb is on a trip right now TRYING to enjoy herself) ahahahahahginny Ginny, talked to the sister again... I just did a google search on her and found a book called: The Casebook: The Yellow Wallpaper.... Kivo is her friend from the old job at Pepperdine...

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