Sandra pepa denton dating

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Sandra pepa denton dating

Salt: “When we were touring in Australia, Pep fell off the stage one time.”Pepa: “I tore a ligament. We did a two hour show.” BOSSIP: Any other bizarre experiences?

I was hurt really bad.”Salt: “She should’ve been unconscious.”Pepa: “People were like, ‘the tour is over.’ I was like, naw! Salt: I got up, and began the show, hoping she would show up. Salt: “For a long period of time, she had an impersonator.”Pepa: “People like Jermaine Dupri, Bobby Brown, Guy.”Salt: “They were coming up to her cause this person was saying things to them on the phone.”Pepa: “She was pretending to be me…People were sending her stuff.

We brought fun, fashion and femininity to hip hop, and it was a different thing.

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