Research data dating

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Research data dating

The principal factors in the research environment affecting the future course of panel data econometrics are the growth in the computational power available to the individual researcher at his desktop and the ready availability of data sets via the Internet.The best way to formulate statistical models for inference is motivated and shaped by substantive problems and our understanding of the processes generating the data at hand to resolve them.The essays illustrate the substantive context in shaping appropriate methods of inference and the increasing importance of computer-intensive methods."Marc Nerlove, more than any other economist, pioneered the econometric analysis of panel data.Pooling cross-section and time-series data in the estimation of a dynamic model: the demand for natural gas (with Pietro Balestra) 3. Properties of alternative estimators of dynamic panel models: an empirical analysis of cross-country data for the study of economic growth 8.Experimental evidence on the estimation of dynamic economic relations from a time-series of cross-sections 4. Students and practitioners will find in this collection a wealth of useful results and a fascinating tour of the intellectual development of this important branch of econometrics." William Greene, Stern School of Business, New York University "This is a collection of first rate papers in and on panel data econometrics.

Interestingly, their surveys also discovered that men are 7% more likely, overall, to say "I love you" than women are.The volume is a source of inspiration for both empirical and theoretical researchers.It will be an indispensable addition to every economics library." Cheng Hsiao, University of Southern California "The analysis of panel data has been one of the fastest growing and intensively studied fields in econometrics for over thirty years.Written with rigor, force and elegance, it captures the excitement and insight that has led to many major research programs.Combining rich history and fresh ideas, each chapter is a classic.

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