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When the two bridesmaids (they're sisters) invite John and Jeremy to their father's lakeshore home, John jumps at the idea, while Jeremy only agrees to go because one of the Wedding Crasher rules is; never leave a crasher behind.

While the whole movie is funny, it is the first act that is the funniest.

is funnier than it should be thanks to the talents of the two main stars. The men are all lying horn dogs that take full advantage of this fantasy world where legions of beautiful anonymous women will sleep with men that look like Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell just because they met them in a romantic setting like a wedding or (in the case of Ferrell) in a time of sadness such as a funeral.

Somehow we are supposed to root for Owen Wilson when he falls in love with a woman who's already engaged to another man (Bradley Cooper in an early comedic role).

The one constant in all of those movies, including this one, is that they are consistently hilarious.

Jeremy, meanwhile, has slept with Gloria, another bridesmaid, who to his absolute horror, seems to fall in love with him.

Take their brides along to crash a wedding that's what. So what are they going to do, try to pick up chicks with their wives tagging along? And what's more it takes two hours to get to this scene.

Very few comedies should be longer than ninety minutes and this ain't one of them.

Recently there's cropped up a group of actors appearing in a variety of comedies, including Luke and Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller.

The list of movies where some or all of these actors appear is impressive, containing; Zoolander, Old School, Starsky & Hutch, Anchorman, and Dodgeball.

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