Postdating a legal document

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supporting Obama’s health care reform plan have failed to capture the enthusiasm of the American people, 60% of which, reject Obama’s scheme to nationalize their medical care.The rallies were organized by Health Care for America Now!What I have tried to do in writing this book is to make available to Companions who have had little opportunity for specialized study an essentially readable account, as authentic as possible, of the history and lore of the Royal Arch, affording an insight into some matters which in the past have tended to escape the attention of all but the serious student.Not only do I hope that my readers will enjoy reading my book, but that some few of them will be able to use it as a source of material for short, simple addresses designed to arouse and foster the interest of their Companions.

Along with President of the Board, Dr David Rothman and his wife, Dr Sheila Rothman, (both of Jewish-owned Columbia University), is Wendy Levinson MD and a sprinkling of Gentile doctors conveniently used as ‘non-Jewish’ window dressing.Allied with Soros’s Institute On Medicine As A Profession are two of Soros-funded Jewish organizations that promote “wealth redistribution” of OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY - not theirs.The Center For American Progress and its parent company, The Democratic Alliance, are Soros’ leading vehicles in his drive to drain the white Christian middle class in a Marxist welfare state.And most sincerely, also, do I hope that the serious student will find in it occasion for kindly, constructive criticism; indeed, I am The title of this book may be thought to err by omission.Inasmuch as the Articles of Union, 1813, use the term Holy Royal Arch' and the early Companions knew the Order by that name, it may be thought that the word Holy' ought to be included in the title and commonly used in the text. Holy' is thought to have been derived more than two centuries ago from the Antient' masons' motto, "Holiness to the Lord"; or to have been inspired by the Holy of Holies, the Inner Chamber of the Temple Sanctuary; or, again, to have reflected the religious, and even Christian, character of the primitive Royal Arch ceremonial.

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Each year, The Campaign for America’s Future holds a “Take Back America” conference, a gathering of DC “progressives,” (a euphemism for “Marxists”).