Personal dating in los angels ca

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Personal dating in los angels ca

Once you’re in touch with these core feelings, it becomes easier to identify sabotaging patterns and shift to a higher level of self-awareness.

Rather than stay trapped in the past, you can feel empowered to work on your particular issues so you can be available for a relationship with someone who is also available to you.

In reality, no one is perfect, and as long as you hold on to the notion that there is someone who will satisfy your every desire and need, you will continue finding faults in potential partners or dismiss relationships that could work.

Through a compassionate exploration of your past and your patterns, we can identify and address issues that stem from childhood and/or past relationships, such as trust, control or abandonment issues.

It can be a lonely, frustrating and depressing experience to remain single when you desperately want to be in a loving and supportive relationship.An experienced, insightful and compassionate relationship therapist can help you get to the root cause of your dating patterns and relationship fears and develop a healthy relationship with the person who matters most—you.Dating counseling can be highly effective, especially if you’ve been struggling with dating and relationship issues for some time.And, it can be essential if you’ve been blaming the dating pool, the blindness of others who don’t see how special you are or the place you live.You may be angry that life is treating you unfairly when you feel that you have something good to offer and that no one sees or values it.

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Are you starting to worry that you’re too old and it’s too late to find a suitable partner?

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