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Posted by / 22-Sep-2019 07:36

For Sales and Authorization type transactions you must use the Hosted Checkout Pages.

Payflow Pro merchants can choose Pay Pal or another merchant bank to process their transactions via the Gateway.

The Gateway enables the use of hosted checkout pages, which help you achieve PCI compliance.

The hosted checkout pages enable you to pass transaction data securely to the server and to collect credit card acceptance data.

Note: If you do not get a response from the Gateway server, submit an Inquiry transaction, passing in the secure token to see if the transaction has completed. Pay Pal Payments Pro and Payflow Pro merchants who want PCI compliance while maintaining full control over designing and hosting checkout pages on their website can use Transparent Redirect.

This guide also provides a section on response parameters and error codes.

Although this guide explains getting started with the SDK, setting up credit card processing, and testing your integration, this is not a tutorial on integration.

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This guide is a reference to the payment card data parameters available for submitting transaction requests over the Payflow Gateway to multiple supported processors.