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However, do be prepared that this has become an increasingly popular option and you will still have a shorter queue to get through, to go through security.

A walk around the Roman Forum is to glimpse into the founding of the ancient Roman Empire – from marshland the Romans drained the area and turned it into a centre of political and social activity.

Also found here is a small door on the northern wall called the Door of Treason which allowed secret messengers to enter or exit when needed. Jorge is now a place where you can enjoy our heritage, get to know a little about Lisboa’s History at the Permanent Exhibition, explore the traces of the Moorish neighbourhood dating back from the 11th century at the Archaeological Site, discover yet unseen sights over the city on the Camera Obscura, stroll across the gardens and the belvederes, take a break at the Café do Castelo, participate of the guided tours or other didactical activities, or simply be enchanted by music, theatre, dancing and the talk shops on heritage that liven up your days at this remarkable Monument in Lisboa.

Open for visitation, the collection consists of objects found in the archaeological area (Archaeological Site) and provides an introduction to the various cultures and lifestyles from the 7th century B. to the 18th century which contributed to building modern-day Lisbon, with particular emphasis on the Moorish period from the 11th – 12th centuries. Jorge is the only remaining green space in Lisbon where the primary native species of Portuguese forest predominate.

The Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill are adjacent to each other and you can walk freely between the two.

Both the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill have separate entrances.

The purpose of the castle was to house military troops and in case of siege, the elite who lived in the alcáçova (citadel).

The most ancient monuments at the Roman Forum are from the first kings of Rome, dating back to the sixth century BC.

The Forum was then abandoned some time in the Middle Ages, and over time, buried under layers of earth, becoming a pasture known as Campus Vaccinus.

There are also Roman Forum tours that include special access and experiences not available to the standard ticket holders such as the addition of the underground chambers at the Colosseum and even the chance to visit the Colosseum at night!

To get the most out of your visit to the Roman Forum this page looks at questions you might have, such as how much time you should budget, and which entrance ticket is appropriate for you, as well as discussing a range of tours.

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Details of fast track tickets can be found on the links below.

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