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This method, though laborious, allows fine control over when a resource is double booked and when not.

Suppose on the other hand an administrator follows the second workaround, and hands control to a trusted delegate instead of the Resource Booking Assistant?

A delegate has the human discretion to allow all recurring meeting conflicts to double book by accepting an entire recurring meeting series.

It also turns out a delegate can selectively decline any number of conflicting instances while accepting the series, something the assistant cannot.

Since the Black Berry Enterprise Server does not use this property, it does not have any data to supply for it and the property is instead set to 0.

This makes the response appear to be out of date to Microsoft Outlook and so the Tracking information is not updated.

I created a recurring meeting request with no end date using Outlook 2007 on Windows 7 connecting to Exchange 2007.

Howard can then right click on the instance that he wishes to decline, go to the Decline menu item, then select an option to decline just this occurrence: Now that Howard has determined which instance to decline and which to allow he can simply go back to the original forwarded meeting request, and accept the series.The file does not require the use of this sequence number, so the Black Berry Enterprise Server does not normally set it.This is acceptable to Microsoft Outlook as if there is no sequence number available then it assumes the response is to the most recent instance of the meeting.As meeting requests for the Green Room come in Howard accepts them for the room calendar.Presently there’s a meeting scheduled for 2PM on Wednesday, and another for 3PM on the following Thursday.

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