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It's beautifully put together, I gave my book to my husband yesterday, for our first wedding anniversary, it was so emotional for both of us to run to each page and read our story in a beautiful book.

He looved everything of it and was an explosion of This litttle book was a perfect gift to give my husband on our 1st wedding Anniversary.

I made him promise that if something ever happened to me too read it and I would always be there with him ... Thank My book was written to my best friend who recently passed. He said he wants a new one every year with the next chapter of our story in it. The book is so personalized that it honestly just captivates you.

💖💝💞 I dedicated the Love Book to my boyfriend on his birthday. our story was read to her grandchildren at the service and is currently buried with her. Her eyes had become watery within the first few pages and she must have read it 10 times in the first couple of days and shows it to anyone who will look at it, she's honestly proud of it.

We are so The book was for my husband for our anniversary. He wants to display it it so every one can My husband was reminded of our story from day one to now a family of 3 and everything in between!

The way the book turned out it became his birthday gift instead. He actually teared up from how thoughtful and reminiscentthe book was.

Being able to make a book like this is absolutely amazing! I created a book for my loved one and represented our story from the beginning on.

He really enjoyed reading it and was like "smiling and smiling and smiling."The shipping was quite fast and the FANTASTIC Christmas gift!

-And by adding a few extra pages in the back, it allowed space for her grandparents and other My husband and I have had some troubles for a few years.

And then she came to the last page and that was my que to get down and say those words...was an extremely special moment! Haha The book I purchased was super easy to create and it is very well crafted.

And made so much better with the help of love book! I worried about it being damaged in shipping since I bought the soft cover version, but it was well-protected in the shipping envelope.

Customize your book as much or as little as you'd like.

I usually get typical generic Valentines day gifts.

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Thank you so much for My boyfriend absolutely loved the book I made for him.