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Noway dating

Before this, almost 85% of Norwegians were part of the national church, even though most Norwegians are nonbelievers and the regular church attendance was, and still is as low as 5%.Norway has become rather liberal in moral issues and thus similar to neighbours like Denmark and Sweden.It also has several other natural resources such as fish and minerals, some industry, and a healthy technology sector.Politically, it's dominated by a widespread and continued support for the Scandinavian model, which means high taxes and high government spending to support free schools, free healthcare, an efficient welfare system and many other benefits.And they don't expect you to rush it either, for desperation is a weakness.But once a friendship is tried and tested, it can be solid and warm. In 2012, the government separated from the church, leaving the country without an official religion.As a result the unemployment rate in Norway is extremely low at about 2 percent.The Norwegian people have rejected membership in the European Union (EU) in two independent popular votes in 19, both times just by a few percent, after being vetoed out of membership by France in the 50s and 60s.

Norway is on a large peninsula shared with Sweden in the north of Europe. Norway is well known for its amazing and varied scenery.

The fjords in the west of the country are long narrow inlets, flanked on either side by tall mountains where the sea penetrates far inland.

By far the major part of the land is a rocky wilderness, and thus Norway has large, completely unpopulated areas, many of which have been converted to national parks.

In recent years, immigration, in particular from the European Union, has increased greatly.

Norwegians are shaped by surviving a harsh climate more than war and social hierarchy, and you'll find them to be generally friendly, but stubborn and fiercely individualistic.

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Even outside the national parks, much of the land is unspoiled nature.