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You don’t lead people to enjoy the blessings of the gospel simply by telling them they need to be baptized.

You do it by expressing love and compassion, by getting to know who they are and learning to love them. You simply cannot expect marriage without being willing to put a lot of time into getting to know and love someone.

Not only is that extremely disrespectful and painful for someone who chose to commit to you, it does not prepare you in any way for marriage. Then, when you do find out if it is right or wrong, be honest with the person you’re dating.

Be completely clear about how you feel, but also be compassionate.

Others of you have perhaps jumped into serious relationships that did not end well because you were more concerned with getting married than actually loving the person you dated. But, maybe most of all, your mind is stuck on what everyone told you was the next big step, the one you’re equally terrified and excited for: dating, then marriage. The next months and maybe years of your life will be filled with an awkward stumble to figure that out.You’ll go on great dates that never turn into anything, bad dates that you never want to repeat, or maybe no dates, because frankly, you either don’t want to or are terrified to go on them.That being said, there are five pieces of advice I’ve used in my own life that I think every RM, and really, every single adult, could use to vastly improve their dating experience and make it more enjoyable for all involved. When I graduated from high school and was starting college, I was immediately overwhelmed by neighbors and ward members who told me, “Now you’ve got to get married!” It influenced my dating life so much that it made me miserable.

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I’ve known many returned elders who, paralyzed by the idea of having to choose, seriously dated more than one girl at a time.

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