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Michael stipe dating

He doesn't exactly reek of glamour, wearing expensive clothes with the mix and match disdain of a hip student who knows a particularly good thrift shop.

Today, a crumpled grey suit hangs loosely over his slight but deceptively muscular frame.

'As far as I'm concerned the general public know more about my private life than they really need to,' he declares. He may lend the weight of his celebrity to a variety of liberal political causes (most recently headlining the Nelson Mandela tribute concert in Trafalgar Square) and be photographed at parties with famous friends such as Bono, Thom Yorke and Donatella Versace, but - remarkably for these prurient and celebrity-obsessed times - he has managed to retain a sense of enigma.'I'm not building any mystery,' he insists.

'But it's really not important for people to know every little detail.

" ' Stipe laughs, acknowledging the incongruity of the situation. that's kind of personal,' he says, after what seems like an eternity.

'And I said, "I came to disappear." 'The notion that the man who rose to global stardom singing 'that's me in the spotlight' (on REM's 1991 hit Losing My Religion) might now hanker after anonymity is interesting, but the story raises other, more prosaic areas of inquiry. And what was he doing in Tel Aviv in the first place? 'That's really not important,' is another Stipe favourite.

The most notable feature in his bony face are blue eyes framed and softened by long, almost feminine lashes. We had moved out of opening for the Gang of Four or The English Beat. I didn’t feel like it was my place to get on a plane myself and go to Seattle. I was in Miami making a record, and I didn’t feel like I could fly across the country for someone who I really admired, who was a friend, a good friend, but not my best friend, you know what I’m saying? Bollen: What happened when you brought Horses home? Stipe: [laughs] Actually, that was several years later. I don’t want to die.” **** Bollen: You say you’re afraid of everything. Stipe: I sat up all night with my headphones on, listening to it over and over again, while eating a giant bowl of cherries. But I knew right then at age 15 what I wanted to do with my life. An ex of mine died in a car wreck and I was really trashed when I found out about it and I couldn’t cry. ” Our generation was supposed to be about trying to deal with nuclear concerns and environmental disasters.

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I used to be a huge REM fan, and I was convinced that one day, Michael Stipe would find me and marry me. I was also vegetarian, trying to eat from fast-food restaurants without meat. **** Bollen: You’ve collaborated with so many musicians over the years. And, you know, frankly I’m not great with heroin addicts.

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