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Or asking yourself should I and can I get my ex back?

Well fear not, because I’m the Love Queen and I am here to guide you through it!

After three years on my own, I tentatively approached online dating, and numerous coffee date debacles taught me a lot.

Many years ago, a lovely client showed me a bracelet her husband had gifted her for a special occasion. Unfortunately, growing up with fairy tales as children and romantic movies as an adult, you probably got an unrealistic picture of who men are and how they operate in the dating world.

If you’ve got any requests for topics you would like to see covered here, or have a burning question that you need the answer to, why not contact me and I’ll see what I can do!

Kisses The Love Queen This site is inspired by the things I check when I like someone and want to know if they like me back.

Inscribed was a beautiful quote by Robert Browning sent to his beloved Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Do you love someone and want to know if they love you back?

"Your family really scares me." Either the constant contact, or the gruff father, or the crazy sister...

Perhaps you’d like to consult with me or one of my love psychics for a free psychic reading?

Or maybe you’ve just gone through a break up and you are wondering how you can get over your ex?

Then he might just blurt out "I love you," on the third date. "I am completely in love with your [insert strange trait here]." There is one thing about you that every time he sees or hears it he softens a little bit inside.

But that's his secret, and maybe it's okay that he keeps that particular treasured act to himself.

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Even if he's wildly successful he'll still have ambition to continue to climb whatever ladder he's on.

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