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Kerry dating

She cooks, not as much as she would like on a daily basis, but she shines in the kitchen on holidays.Washington, despite being a very familiar face for most of the 21st century, was never really one to make salacious headlines—or any personal headlines at all.Yet somehow she still had time to make , which comes out Christmas Day, there isn't a whole lot of downtime," she told E! "When I can just hang out with my dog, and hang out with my friends and family, that's what makes me happiest.But luckily, this cast at , we really are family, we all really inspire each other, so it's a good place to be."To stay healthy she mixes Pilates with cardio and tries to keep it fresh, local and organic in the food department.That when you turn on your television you can see stories about all different kinds of people—of all races, and genders, and religions and sexualities.That's important, because I feel like we're in the business of telling stories and everybody deserves to have their stories told."Only given a seven-episode order by ABC at first, became a sensation thanks largely to social media, with self-designated Gladiators following along with the show's stars—including Washington—as they live-tweeted the show on Thursdays, for multiple time zones."If people weren't watching, we wouldn't have a second season," Washington told E!

Of course, with increased fame comes increased interest in one's personal life—and though Washington has kept her vow to not talk about her personal relationships publicly, and has steadfastly kept her Instagram account a husband-and-child-free zone, that hasn't inoculated her from the Internet getting all Internetty about her private life. As the Shonda Land-produced political thriller-romance-drama winds down after seven seasons, Washington has become synonymous with her character, Olivia Pope—the Washington, D.C., fixer extraordinaire with a personal life that needs some serious retooling.Ever since becoming a mom, she's been more willing to talk about motherhood—she's not a fan of the tendency for working moms to feel guilty because they can't be everywhere at once—but her kids are otherwise off-limits.She showed off pictures of her daughter during an , playing the best friend of a wrongfully convicted man (based on a true story) who devotes his life to proving his innocence and getting him out of prison.

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Washington and Asomugha welcomed son Caleb Kelechi Asomugha on Oct.

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