Investment liquidating trust how are carbon isotopes used in carbon dating

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Investment liquidating trust

Table 2 As shown in table 2, City Investing Liquidating Trust was a hodgepodge of assets.

The shares of City Investing Liquidating Trust traded initially at depressed levels for a number of additional reasons.

The businesses of Pace had been purchased by KKR from City Investing in a financial environment quite different from the one that existed in September 1985. These changes had almost certainly increased the value of City’s equity interest in Pace.

This increased the apparent value of City Investing Liquidating Trust units well above the .02 estimate, making them an even more attractive bargain.

Some of the most attractive corporate liquidations in the past decade have involved the breakup of conglomerates and investment companies.

Most equity investors prefer (or are effectively required) to hold shares in ongoing businesses.

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Finally, after the Home Insurance spinoff, City Investing Liquidating Trust was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange.