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The second is the Inuit Art Museum; which features many different paintings from Greenland, Faroese and Denmark, with the most notable by Emanuel A. The sea surrounding Ilulissat is full of icebergs, mainly because of the proximity of the town to the most active glacier in the world.The giant icebergs and be admired from shore or in local boats.

Disko Line sails around Disco Bay for other destinations The Disco Bay has not been frozen enough for dogsleding in more than 10 years, so only one trip (apr.Excavations of the valley where Ilulissat show that people have inhabited the area for thousands of years, and it was once the largest town in Greenland.The town is also know for having almost the same number of sled dogs as people, currently the town is home to 4600 people and nearly 3500 sled dogs.35 kilometers from the city is a glacier constantly delivering icebergs into the Fjord.The speed of the glacier has increased from 22 meters/day in 2002 to now (2007) 35 meters/day as a result of global warming.

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